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Carl Everett to the White Sox.
It's hard to judge a trade when all parties involved aren't yet known, but I'll do so under the assumption that whatever the Rangers are getting in return for Carl Everett (at this point, known only as "two minor leaguers and future considerations") are no great shakes. If they are...and whenever it's announced, we'll take a look at that too...there's more to be said about this trade. For the time being however, the White Sox have added a pretty productive offensive player who can play a needed defensive position for nothing off their major league roster. And that's good.

While he struggled some in June (just .211/.273/.389), Everett has put up pretty solid numbers thus far this season (.274/.356/.544 is actually better than just "solid"), and apparently has behaved and endeared himself to Rangers management with his hard work. While Jerry Manuel is no Buck Showalter, you'd have to assume that he'll retain at least some of his focus and continue to be reasonably productive.

Aaron Rowand's been much better lately (.375/.429/.719 in June), and apparently will get to continue playing center, splitting time with Willie Harris, who can no longer get time at second with the arrival of Roberto Alomar. I don't know that this is a great idea, seeing as you could use the more consistent, established guy in center in Everett and not shunt him to DH, where he'll be taking the place of a better hitter than either Roward or Harris has been. If this takes at bats away from Paul Konerko, at least until he shows some signs of life in reduced duty, that's a good thing, as he's been, amazingly, the worst regular in baseball this year.

The White Sox have a chance to make this a really good deal (again, assuming they're not giving up much) if they utilize Everett properly and play him everyday in center. This doesn't look like it's going to happen, but it can't hurt to add a bat of Everett's quality at virtually no cost, particularly if you're in the position the White Sox currently are, making a run at a very attainable division title.