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Biiiiiiiiiiig Rumors?

Apparently Peter Gammons gave a speech at Harvard Law School a few days ago, and here were the highlights:

- Francona is the new manager unless they can get permission to interview Bob Melvin.

- He thinks Nomar desperately wants to stay in Boston, but that Nomie "can't understand why he's considered 'only' a $12 million player anymore."

- A-Rod is driving the A-Rod to Boston bandwagon, hard. Moorad is driving from the Manny side. Theo is obviously onboard. Showalter/Hart is the holdup - more Showalter - and their resolve is weakening. He said A-Rod was mindful that current Boston stars were "socially disfunctional", and saw it as an area he could excell at. He did call A-Rod "a little caught up in himself". He said he told Sho and Hart that they'd be out of a job next year if they didn't make the trade (I almost cheered at that point)

- On a similar note, he reported that Jeter asked him a couple of times how Manny and Pedro got away with not talking (jealous Jetes?), but turned it into another opportunity to praise the Cap'n for his leadership skills. He did admit Jeter had a bad contract.

- Flying back from AZ with the Boston front office, he said that they had a discussion about which team would have the most trouble coping with steriod testing, and that the unanimous response was "San Diego". Got a laugh there.

- He does love the Sox, but he's constantly dissing them without, I think, realizing it. He told the "Ted Williams used corked bats" story again as a lead-off (after a World Series to Cubs to Sosa to Belle seque), and he mentioned that he was telling friends that he couldn't remember a time with as many quality CF as there are now... he ripped off about 7 or 8 before it became obvious that he wasn't going to say Damon.

- He slammed Selig a bunch of times, especially for allowing the fact that Montreal couldn't its expand roster in Sep. this year, which he pointed out was a serious competitive balance issue (playing playoff-bound teams at a disadvantage). He also made fun of Bud for calling him and whining every time Gammo made a pointed comment on BBTN or SC.

Quick hits...
- Cashman is certainly in his last year.
- Beane will be in LA in a few weeks or less
- Pettite wants to leave NY, but Houston won't pony up
- The Padres don't understand the Latin market; the Angels do. In fact, he called the Angels organization a "sleeping giant"
- Quashed the 'A-Rod for Kerry Wood' rumor
- Tigers ownership is ready to give up
- DC will get a team, and for some reason, MLB really wants to put a team in... San Antonio.
- Vlad would rather stay in Montreal if possible; if not, Gammons thinks he should end up in San Fran. He "hates the spotlight". Vlad is not on anybody's radar because he is in limbo until Montreal gets a budget, which won't happen for a few weeks.
- He's not sold on Baltimore's new regime.
- Royals and Twins ownership "hate baseball"
- Maglio Ordonez is a special person (the phrase 'duende' was thrown around)
- Colon to NYY looking like a done deal
- Drew Henson will be bought out this winter

I'll just note these without comment now. I think some of them are completely ridiculous, but Matt and I will dissect 'em later.