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Giambi plays triangle

I was watching Sportscenter last night, and they had a lengthy bit near the end of the show about Jason Giambi playing the triangle. There's a slight chance that they'll have it up to download at a later time, but it was so good that I have to describe it to you all.

The clip includes a bunch of interviews:

Jeremy Giambi: "I think of him as an artist first... fine, a brother first. Then an artist. Then a ballplayer."
Robin Ventura: "I once called it a dinner bell, I could see the hate in his eyes."

Then there was a short piece with Don Zimmer that showed a clip from the 1940s saying that Zim was a superstar triangle player and said that Giambi is a better triangler than he ever was.

The final part of the piece is Kenny Mayne standing next to Jason with some talk like this:

KM: How do you feel about Bernie's album being given out at Yankee games and no recognition for you?
JG: I let my music speak for itself.

After that, Giambi gives him a little demo, playing Pearl Jam's "Alive" and Marvin Gaye song for the ladies.

I'm not sure if they'll show it again, but look out for it, and hopefully it'll be up for download at some point.